Making Friends: Real World Edition

I’ve just moved to a new city, and I know pretty much nobody. It’s intimidating – especially just having graduated from college two months ago. On campus, I had my friends and I had the comfort of a familiar routine. Now that I’ve moved halfway across the country – everything I have become accustomed to has been flipped upside down. 

moving GIF 

The first day I arrived, it hit me. I know absolutely no one. I walked down one of the main streets struck by the vastness of this new city – but also by this new life of mine. I was starting from scratch. I decided to approach this new situation I was in by tackling two things 


  1.   Maintaining my friendships from home.
  2.   Meeting as many new people as possible.


Due to modern technology, maintaining friendships from home is possible – but it does take a little extra effort. I have been facetiming my friends from college and home to stay up to date on their lives and to be able to have a little bit of home with me here. I end up talking to friends from home/college around two times a week. It’s a great way to stay connected and feel that just because I decided to move away and try something different for a bit – it doesn’t mean that I can’t still have home. 

2019 fifa wwc football GIF by FIFA

Now, meeting new people in a big city full of young people can be difficult but I’m doing my best so far. I have met some people through work and have been proactive about grabbing drinks and bringing groups together. I also joined a kickball league! I have not played kickball since 3rd grade recess, but the team is full of recent grads looking to goof around and have some fun. It’s been a great stress reliever and an easy way to meet lots of new people. Finally, I am volunteering. I looked up organizations that interested me and I signed up to be a volunteer. I am meeting like-minded people and doing good work all at once!

karen allen mother GIF


Moving is intimidating. Making friends after college can be intimidating. There is no “orientation” for adult-life! But, I am hoping that some of my ideas might work for anyone else who is taking on a new city!



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