Entering the “Real World”

Today, I looked at my phone and saw that I officially have less than 2 weeks until graduation. 12 days and 22 hours to be exact, but who’s counting? I have loved my college experience and could not imagine it any other way. I have amazing friends, activities that kept me busy and satisfied, and have had some really life-changing opportunities. I am going to cling onto every last memory and moment until I am thrown out into the “real world.”

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I have always hated times of transition. I hated leaving pre-school, I hated my first year of college and I am pretty worried I might hate my first year of “real world” life. This time of transition is especially difficult. At school, I have all of my friends just down the hall. I have all of my meals prepared for me. My main responsibility is to just show up to class and do my work on time. Finals period is grueling – don’t get me wrong. But, it doesn’t have the same sting as a nine to five job.

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Luckily, I have one thing on my side during this time of transition. It’s the fact that I know it’s going to be hard. Keeping this in mind, I have made a list of things to make my transition easier:


I will be moving to Madison, WI following my graduation and I am excited to explore a new part of the country that I have never been to. While it might be a biiiit colder, I have the opportunity to explore Madison and this change of pace will be very exciting.

I finally can cook!

As a college student, it’s easy to fear the day that I have to make myself breakfast instead of just rushing down to the dining hall to have a quick meal before I make my way to class. Living in an apartment will give me the opportunity to cook whatever I am in the mood for, instead of just whatever the dining hall is serving. I’m ready to say good-bye to the cold eggs I have to force down most mornings.

I can still see my friends (and maybe even make new ones)

It’s hard not to see graduation as a loss. I have made some of my best friends in college and I will truly miss them. However, since I made such good friends – I am lucky in the fact that I will get to see them throughout my entire life. These friendships are not confined to the walls of my campus, and I will make it a priority to see these friends frequently. And, I’m moving to a new city full of young people – maybe I will have the opportunity to add to my friend group.

Enjoy the change!

I have been a student for the past 18 years of my life. While it might be all I know – I definitely don’t love it. School has always been challenging for me and I am excited to throw myself into a career and be fully immersed by something other than textbooks and exams.

Have concrete goals!

I have a list of what I want to accomplish in my first year of being out of school. Having a list of goals to reflect upon will keep me looking forward instead of back. I want to run a half marathon, take the LSAT and travel!


It’s hard not to focus on what I will be losing by graduating. But, I am also excited about what I might gain. I will cherish these last days I have as a college student but also be glad that I have had such a positive experience to reflect upon.


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