4 Great (&free!) Apps to Get in Shape

It’s been commonly said that exercise is the most underrated form of antidepressant. So why not get happy and healthy by downloading these apps that would help motivate you to reach your physical activity goal?



What I like about it: This app syncs up with your GPS tracker on your phone, so it allows you to look at the distance you ran. You can also tap into your social network and receiver cheers from friends to help motivate you to run. It’s also a good app to have in the background if you listen to music when you run because a voice will tell you how far you ran on each mile checkpoint.

Great for: Trail Runners or anyone wanting a basic running app to track their distance.


5k Runner

What I like about it: It’s a user friendly app with simple workouts for daily training. The timetable for the workouts are clear; they start out small and progress harder by day. The app is geared towards those with no running experience so it would be very easy to pick up.

Great for: Those training for a 5k. We all know running these are the rage these days.


My Fitness Pal (Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker)

What I like about it: This app does a good job of making the tedious task of recording what you eat easy. Right after you download the app, it will ask you personal information and allow you to record what your weight loss/weight gain goals are so that it can tailor your calorie goals for you. There are also charts to monitor your progress, which can help you visualise your weight change.

Great for: Anyone wanting to keep track of their nutrition and food intake.


7 Minute Workout

What I like about it: It makes exercising less of a chore. Instead of thinking about exercising as a huge time commitment, this app allows for quick 30 second workouts that you could do at your desk. It’s interactive and encourages you to get up because it turns exercise into a game to beat the clock, which is fun.

Great for: Those who don’t have time to go to the gym or participant in full workouts.


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